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Founded in 2004, Art Works For Us, Inc. is a non profit, 501 C3, tax exempt organization




To serve as an arts presenter, showcasing and developing artistic excellence, while also creating opportunities for community service and healing through the arts.

To enhance multi-cultural awareness through the presentation of traditional and/or contemporary folk arts (both performing and visual arts), which represent the diversity of the communities being served.




To enhance the role of the arts in communities by establishing an active network of individuals and organizations committed to the belief that the arts are a vital component of a healthy society.

To support the professional development of artists through presentation, education, collaboration, and sensitivity to cultural diversity. 



Board Members


Ana Miranda, President

Barbara Kreisberg, Secretary

Maria Cabarcos, Director

Alice Chan, Director

Past Board Members

Kerting Baldwin, Memorial Healthcare System

Judy Penny, Think Penny Advertising

Stephan Jourdan, In Memoriam, 1966-2017

Stephan was my loving husband, cheerleader and co-founder of this organization. Always a hard worker, whether filming events, helping out with sound/lighting, fundraising, even making a diddley bow for a musician to play at a performance, he worked tirelessly to help the organization make an impact.  Art Works for Us truly began as a mom and pop that developed power and influence to serve our community.  Stephan your love for this organization is felt and personally, you had my back, you were my rock and are still supporting me, in spirit.

  You are missed and cherished.  Ana Miranda, President and loving wife.


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